In January 2010, Finance & Facilities (F2) began using Lean as a comprehensive approach to:

  • Find ways to become even more flexible, efficient, and customer focused
  • Build a shared culture, beginning with common tools and vocabulary
  • Improve core processes by eliminating waste, redundancy and rework
  • Transition to a new and sustainable business model to address changing demands and reduced budgets
  • Build upon existing improvement work within F2, including the use of balanced scorecard methodology, operational-dashboard measures, quality and process improvement fundamentals, recognition, and teamwork
  • Provide a better work environment for all

What is Lean?

In their book, "Lean Thinking," James P. Womack & Daniel T. Jones defined Lean as a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste. Launching Lean, in our case, involves value-stream mapping the current state, rapid process improvement, future visioning, and customer involvement.  Lean engages staff to identify and solve problems, and provides support systems that ensure success.  Womack & Jones identified 5 key Lean principles:

  1. The customer defines value
  2. Organize the work to deliver value 
  3. Focus on flow of work 
  4. Produce at the rate of customer demand
  5. Improve continuously

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