The Standard Tour includes an overview of our Lean program followed by a tour of the Lean Center. This tour is free of charge.

Founded in 1861, the University of Washington (UW) is one of the oldest public universities on the West Coast with three campuses, 92,000 students and a presence in more than 50 locations across 10 countries. UW ranks in the top 20 research universities in the world with over $1.4 billion in annual grants. Seven UW faculty members have won Nobel Prizes since 1989.

UW, Finance & Facilities (F2) organization has been implementing a 4 Key Systems approach since 2010 to great effect. Over the past six years, we have worked with SISU Consulting Group to create a lean management system that has enabled the launch of 195 teams, the development of 43 internal coaches and the implementation of more than 56,000 employee ideas, culminating in the delivery of more than $260 million in financial benefit to the University. In 2013, the University received the "Leveraging Excellence Award" from the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation (NCCI) for Higher Education for best practices in developing a culture of continuous improvement. In 2016 our sponsor and AVP received the NCCI "Leader of Change Award".

This Tour Will Include:

  • A guided tour through the Lean Center
  • An overview of our Lean program
  • Discussion of our Lean Management System.

For questions or tour customization options, please contact us.


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Event Date: 
Friday, 7 April 2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am