June 30 – July 6, 2018
Family-friendly and open to the public

Athlete running with arms up in victory

Seattle is excited to host the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games and the University of Washington is proud to serve as a primary venue.

The UW campus will be the site for the opening ceremony, athletic competitions, presentations, entertainment and more. UW residence halls will house thousands of athletes and coaches during the games. Other local venues co-hosting the 2018 USA Games include Seattle Center, Seattle University, Seattle Pacific University, King County Aquatic Center, Willows Run Golf Club, Celebration Park and Kenmore Lanes.

Special Olympics USA Games timelinegirl swimmer holding up a Special Olympics medal

June 30 Athletes and coaches move into UW
July 1 Opening ceremony at Husky Stadium
July 1-6 Sporting events at UW and additional local venues
July 6 Closing ceremony at Lake Union Park
July 7 Athletes and coaches depart UW

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50th anniversary

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Special Olympics Games, which were held at Soldier’s Field in Chicago in July 1968. In 2018 athletes from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will showcase their abilities and boldly demonstrate the power, joy and fellowship of the Special Olympics movement.

UW planning

UW employees have been named to committees that are charged with providing oversight for all UW activities for the games and approving exceptions or resolving issues as needed. The committees also will be coordinating institutional messaging, both internal and external. All expenses will be covered by an estimated $15 million being raised by the Games Organizing Committee.

Policy Committee members:

  • James Buder
  • Elizabeth Cherry
  • Nicole Dierks
  • Anna Ewing
  • Mary Gresch
  • Christy Gullion
  • Sarah Hall
  • Randy Hodgins
  • Lincoln Johnson
  • Charles Kennedy
  • Murray Maitland
  • Erin O’Connell
  • Jeffrey Scott
  • Margaret Shepherd

torch at Special Olympics USAOperations Committee members:

  • Aaron Hoard
  • Anne Eskridge
  • Becky Bullock
  • Bree Callahan
  • Brent Curtis
  • Carter Henderson
  • Chris Jaross
  • Christine Phelan
  • Courtney Coster
  • Craig Wilson
  • Damon Fetters
  • Dan Erickson
  • Eli King
  • Erik Jones
  • Felicia Watson
  • Gary Leonard
  • Howard Nakase
  • Janis Campbell
  • John Haslam
  • John Terry
  • John Vinson
  • Jon Parkin
  • Josh Gana
  • Karalee Woody
  • Kerry Kahl
  • Kristine Kenney
  • Laurie Daniel
  • Leonard O’Connor
  • Leyla Salmassi
  • Mark Murray
  • Matt Newman
  • Michelle Rhoads
  • Paul Zuchowski
  • Peter Denis
  • Rita Calabro
  • Salome Heyward
  • Stacie Smith
  • Steve Charvat
  • Toni Booker
  • Victor Balta

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