Strategic Consulting works to unlock organizational potential at the University through strategic planning, process improvements and employee engagement. Led by Associate Vice President LuAnn Stokke, the team was formed by the merging of Operational Excellence (formerly F2 Lean) and Organizational Excellence (OE).

What's next

We are continuing our work across campus, as we also work together to form our team identity and campus mission.

An updated website and team communication are coming soon.


LuAnn Stokke serves as Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning at the University of Washington where she and her team unlock organizational potential and performance through strategic planning, process improvement, and employee engagement. Stokke is an established University leader, having served as Director of Strategic Planning & Chief of Staff in Facilities Services and Director of Operational Excellence in Finance & Facilities (F2). In these roles, she directed Balanced Scorecard-focused strategy deployment, metrics development, and reporting across a large (~1300 FTE) operating unit and oversaw the launch of over 1000 employees (135 teams) using lean methodology.

Prior to this, she held various management roles for the U.S. General Services Administration (Public Buildings Service), overseeing budget planning, execution, and financial operations with $80M in annual revenue. Operationally, she ran the region’s largest service center, headquartered in Seattle. She served 15 years at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Stokke is a national leader in strategy and lean process improvement and has been recognized with Network for Change and Continuous Innovation’s Leveraging Excellence Award, U.S. General Services Administration’s Regional Administrators’ Award, and NASA’s Medal for Exceptional Achievement. She holds a BA in Business Management and studied at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham Young University, and University of Phoenix.


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