Strategic Consulting works to unlock organizational potential at the University through strategic planning, process improvements and employee engagement. Led by Associate Vice President LuAnn Stokke, the team was formed by the merging of Operational Excellence (formerly F2 Lean) and Organizational Excellence (OE).

What's next

We are continuing our work across campus, as we also work together to form our team identity and campus mission.

An updated website and team communication are coming soon.


LuAnn Stokke serves as Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning at the University of Washington and leads the Strategic Consulting team.

The Team:

  Andrew Faris   Lauren Witt
  Doug Merrill   Mark McKenzie
  Elise Glassman   Mary Mahon
  Emily Drevecky   Meg Russo
  Jason Kalivas   Patrick McNelly
  Jeanne Semura   Warren Cohen
  Jeff Fillmore  



If you have comments or input for the new team, please contact us.