Combining the departments of Organizational Excellence (OE) and Operational Excellence (formerly F2 Lean), Strategic Consulting works to unlock organizational potential at the University through strategic planning, process improvements and employee engagement.

Organizational Excellence (OE)

Organizational Excellence partners across the University’s academic and administrative units to support leaders, faculty, and staff in identifying and addressing strategic, operational and organizational challenges. OE’s approach strives to be collaborative, structured, and data-driven to facilitate stakeholder engagement in developing recommendations. The resulting organizational effectiveness is achieved through shared expertise in strategic planning, organizational assessment, process improvement, change management, and metrics development and analysis.

Operational Excellence

In January 2010, Finance & Administration (F&A) began using Lean (based upon the Shingo Model of Operational Excellence) as a comprehensive approach to:

  • Find ways to become even more flexible, efficient and customer focused
  • Build a shared culture, beginning with common tools and vocabulary
  • Improve core processes by eliminating waste, redundancy and rework
  • Transition to a new and sustainable business model to address changing demands and reduced budgets
  • Build upon existing improvement work within F&A, including the use of balanced scorecard methodology, operational-dashboard measures, quality and process improvement fundamentals, recognition and teamwork
  • Provide a better work environment for all