Submissions for F&A Internships are now closed. Thanks to all the unit supervisors who will be mentoring student interns in the coming quarters!

Hiring Student Interns

Internships are pre-professional learning experiences that offer meaningful, practical work experience related to a student's field of study or career interest. Internships allow students to apply principles and theory learned in the classroom in a professional environment. 

When you hire an intern, you create employment opportunities for UW students, help them develop marketable skills, and increase administration/student interaction. Supervision of student interns is considered a contribution to student development and is a form of education.

View infographicwhy companies should hire interns (from OpenSesame)

Why Hire an F&A Intern? Why Work as an F&A Intern?
Find enthusiastic, innovative workers who can contribute new ideas based on their academic learning Get a full and realistic view of work life
Meet goals of senior leadership to provide work opportunities for students at the UW Integrate academic preparation with practical application and skill development in the workplace
Cost-effective opportunity to evaluate a potential future employee Get the opportunity to network with professionals in a field of interest
Connect with students with specialized skills and/or knowledge Get the chance to explore career options and develop hands-on work experience and transferable skills
Develop skills in how to manage student workers and the satisfaction of helping students progress in their career path Gain opportunities to learn new skills and gain information with other student interns on career development, teamwork, customer service

How to Create a Finance & Administration Internship

How to find Finance & Administration Internships:

F&A Internships are posted to HuskyJobs throughout each quarter. They vary in time commitment, skills needed and length of position. To find an internship in an F&A department, search HuskyJobs on keywords related to the department. 

Internships Are Not:

  • Primarily clerical tasks (these should comprise no more than 20% of an internship)
  • Jobs that provide little opportunity for students to gain practical experience that complements their academic learning
  • Part-time jobs with little or no training, guidance and supervision
  • Volunteer positions

Expectations for Finance & Administration Units

  • Provide interns with real work assignments
  • Hold orientations for all involved
  • Provide time for interns to attend team activities and trainings
  • Encourage team involvement
  • Showcase intern work through opportunities to present at team meetings