Showcases present process improvement work happening across the UW

TAP Showcase

Tuesday, March 6, from 1-3 PM
HUB Lyceum
Attendance: 300 

Participants: Individuals or groups of staff, faculty, or students. Multiple projects from the same unit are welcome.
What: Poster displays of improvement work, project boards, strategic work, Kanban boards, innovations, business processes.
Why: To share the scope of UW improvement work and connect individuals in learning from one another.
How: Improvement examples can feature curriculum/teaching, research, or administration.
Special Guests: President, Provost, Regents, and senior leaders invited.
Register: Please email of your intention to participate. The poster is not due until the day of event.

Poster Details:

  • Easel-mounted or trifold posters recommended (but any size/format is acceptable). 
  • UW Creative Communications (C2) provides poster printing. 
  • Poster template examples for ideas. (PPT, PDF)


Lean Showcase

Autumn 2018
HUB Ballroom
Attendance: 600

What: Showcase of TAP Today (Lean boards, accountability/process improvements) and TAP Tomorrow (umbrella initiatives).
How: Improvement examples from across campus demonstrating how the Day-To-Day rolls up into the Big Picture. 
Why: Learn from faculty and staff about new ways to improve work productivity and unit effectiveness. Celebrate UW's Lean journey and promote a culture where improving the work is the work.
Participants: Lean Teams, EVPFA Units, and Central Administration services included in 2017 TAP Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Sponsor: Strategic Consulting leads and support the implementation of strategic initiatives across the UW and serves as the implementation team for the Transforming Administration Program (TAP).