Showcases present process improvement work happening across the UW

TAP Showcase

Tuesday, March 6, from 1-3 PM
HUB Lyceum
Attendance: 300 

Participants: Individuals or groups of staff, faculty, or students. Multiple projects from the same unit are welcome.
What: Poster displays of improvement work, project boards, strategic work, Kanban boards, innovations, business processes.
Why: To share the scope of UW improvement work and connect individuals in learning from one another.
How: Improvement examples can feature curriculum/teaching, research, or administration.
Special Guests: Remarks from Provost Baldasty and EVPFA Jeff Scott at 2:30 PM.
Poster Registration: Not too late! Please email for more information. The poster is not due until the day of event.

Attend: No registration required. Stop by anytime.

Poster Details:

  • Easel-mounted or trifold posters recommended (but any size/format is acceptable). 
  • UW Creative Communications (C2) provides poster printing. 
  • Poster template examples for ideas. (PPT, PDF)

2018 Posters

Shared Services Pilot at UW Bothell
UW Bothell Fiscal and Audit Services

Student Employee Applicant Tracking System
UW Bothell Organizational Excellence/Human Resources

Project Permit Process Time
UW Bothell Planning & Administration

Business Diversity Initiatives
Business Diversity Program

Tackling the Papery Tip of CPD’s Record Iceberg
Capital Planning & Development

UW T2O: Transition to Occupancy, Operations and Maintenance: FS & CPD Integration
Capital Planning & Development and Facilities Services

CPD Business Applications/MAPS Team
Capital Planning & Development

“Tuesday Noontime Workshop” - Workday Training Sessions
CAS Shared Services, College of Arts & Sciences

Consultation and Assessment Team
Community Standards & Student Conduct, Student Life

Continuum College Initiatives
Continuum College

TAP Action Plan
Creative Communications

Creative Communications

Procurement Services
Enterprise Services

Lab Safety Dashboard
Environmental Health and Safety (Building & Fire Safety)

Waste Collection Turnaround Times
Environmental Health and Safety (Environmental Programs)

Radiation Survey Improvements
Environmental Health and Safety (Radiation Safety)

Asbestos Records
Facilities Services/Capital Planning and Development

Building Services – Job Fair Initiative to Fill Vacant Custodial Positions
Facilities Services

Building Services – MiniMax program providing quality spaces and increasing waste diversion
Facilities Services

Customer Care Team
Facilities Services

Facilities Maintenance and Construction/Campus Engineering and Operations
Facilities Services

Regulated Materials Office
Facilities Services

Transportation Services – Fleet & Shuttle Services
Facilities Services

Transportation Services – Parking
Facilities Services

Global Public Map
Office of Global Affairs

Think Big, Act Fearlessly, Deliver Excellence
Health Sciences Administration – The Center for Shared Services

Quest to Improve Performance Evaluations
Human Resources, Housing & Food Services

Menu Management System
UW Dining, Housing & Food Services

Emergency Preparedness and Response
The Information School

UW Connect

Customer Journey Maps: Tell a Visual Story of How Customers Interact with Your Organization
UW-IT & Strategic Consulting

Knowledge Navigator
UW-IT EIIA (Enterprise Information, Integration & Analytics)

Equipment Inventory Office
Lean/Finance and Administration

Grant & Contract Accounting
Lean/Finance and Administration

Management Accounting & Analysis
Lean/Finance and Administration

Student Fiscal Services
Lean/Finance and Administration

Onboarding: The Badge Program
University Marketing & Communications

ABC Shared Services
UW Medicine

Process Improvement at the Office of Medical Staff Appointments
UW Medicine

Regional Heart Center Outpatient Change Team
UW Medicine

Department of Pharmacy Strategic Hiring Plan
Strategic Consulting

Exploring the Surprising Power of Liberating Structures
Strategic Consulting

UW Lean Team
Strategic Consulting

TAP Central Administrative Unit Customer Service Survey: Celebrate Success and Foster Continuous Improvement
Strategic Consulting & UW-IT

Using Kanbans to Introduce Lean Thinking: Leading by Example and Building on Experience
Strategic Consulting

Financial Aid Initiatives
Student Financial Aid Office

Sustainability Initiatives
UW Sustainability

Strategic Initiative Funds: Kickstarting the UW Tacoma Strategic Plan
UW Tacoma

UW Video Initiatives
UW Video


**Upcoming Events**

Lean Showcase

Autumn 2018
HUB Ballroom
Attendance: 600

What: Showcase of TAP Today (Lean boards, accountability/process improvements) and TAP Tomorrow (umbrella initiatives).
How: Improvement examples from across campus demonstrating how the Day-To-Day rolls up into the Big Picture. 
Why: Learn from faculty and staff about new ways to improve work productivity and unit effectiveness. Celebrate UW's Lean journey and promote a culture where improving the work is the work.
Participants: Lean Teams, EVPFA Units, and Central Administration services included in 2017 TAP Customer Satisfaction Survey.
Sponsor: Strategic Consulting leads and support the implementation of strategic initiatives across the UW and serves as the implementation team for the Transforming Administration Program (TAP).