It is our pleasure to recognize the following graduating students who have contributed their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm in a variety of roles across UW Finance & Administration:


Abdirizak “Abdi” Ahmed, Capital & Space Management Intern,
Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Community, Environment & Planning with a minor in urban planning

"I am most proud about being able to see how planning goes beyond simply dealing in theories". 

Plans after graduation: Pursuing a career in my chosen field



Adam Matza, Capital & Space Management Intern,
Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Community, Environment, and Planning

"I am most proud of learning how to read architectural floorplans and using GeoSims to update them". 

Plans after graduation: Pursuing a career in Urban Sustainability


Photo credit: Aika Foz

Alexander Bonilla, User Experience Designer
UW Finance & Administration

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics, with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction

"I am most proud of the personal and professional growth I experienced after a year with UW-FA. Throughout that time I was surrounded by incredible people who let me grow in the ways that I needed to, not just by providing me with opportunities, but also by allowing me to create opportunities of my own. This belief in my abilities fueled my mission of becoming the best UX Designer that I could be, and for that I need to thank both UW-FA and the truly amazing people who work there".

Plans after graduation: "Pursuing UX Design full-time in Seattle after my year with UW-FA. Very excited for what's to come"!


Alex Uraski, UW Sustainability Intern

Graduating with a BS in Environmental Science and Resource Management 

"I am most proud of the recent Earth Day celebration. The team and I worked effortlessly to plan and execute an event that was both exciting to visit and informative. Without my internship in the UW Sustainability office, I would not have found my true passion. Everyday has been a wonderful opportunity to impact the UW on both a small and large scale". 

Plans after graduation: Pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Business at San Francisco State University 


Amy Wong, Building Services, UW Facilities

Graduating with a BA in Journalism and a BS in Environmental Science

"I am most proud of leading our team of student workers to implement a new cleaning system that the whole Building Services Department will use".

Plans after graduation: Interning at the Seattle Times



Annika Jung, Project Assistant, UW Sustainability

Graduating with a BS in Environmental Health and a B.A. in Biochemistry

"Working at UW Sustainability has taught me lessons that I will carry for a lifetime. I've learned how to coordinate, work in teams and communicate with a wide range of audience members. This position has helped me step-out of my comfort zone and become more communicative which was one of my weaknesses when I came in because I was quite shy. My greatest memory of working here was planning for major events like Dawg Daze and Earth Day-I enjoyed interacting with the student population while spreading the name/purpose of our office to the student population. I am grateful to have such a supportive staff team who always recognized my accomplishments. This office has shaped who I am today and I'll be able to apply the lessons I learned from this position in my future career". 

Plans after graduation: "Working part-time at a clinic while looking into research positions to help expand my knowlege in Biochemistry, and studying for the Optometry Admission Test".


Audrey Taber, Building Services, UW Facilities

Graduating with a degree in Environmental Science & Terrestrial Resource Management

"I am most proud of my work as a member of the MiniMax team. Together, we successfully implemented the MiniMax waste diversion program in the entire Health Sciences Building—the largest building on campus. We adjusted the waste and recycling infrastructure in roughly 2,000 rooms to insure that every office has access to recycling and compost. 

Plans after graduation: "Interning with Recology Cleanscapes in Seattle for the summer and I hope to continue to work in recycling and solid waste management afterwards".


Brenda Nguyen, Transportation Services, UW Facilities

Graduating with a Bachelors in Environmental Studies 

"I have enjoyed my time in Transportation Services under the team Commute Options and Planning. My greatest learning opportunity has been being able to work along side such talented urban planners. I hope to continue my education through a masters Urban Planning in the near future. It has been an honor to be able to see people in the field and being a team member for this organization". 

Plans after graduation: I will be working for U District Let's, Go! U District Let's go is a pilot program in the UD connecting people to transportation resources. 


Caroline Le, Graphic Designer, UW Sustainability

Graduating with a BA in Architectural Design

"The opportunity to grow as a designer has been amazing for me. Project to project, I could see myself improving and developing my own way of design. I’ve become more confident in my own design skills and am most proud of that".

Plans after graduation: Pursue a career in Architecture / Graphic Design / Interior Design


Chi Kan “Roy” Wong, Capital & Space Management Intern,
Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a Bachelor's in Community, Environment & Planning and a minor in Urban Design & Planning

"I am most proud of having the opportunity to update the GeoSIM system to track the assignment and type of use and space of buildings across campus".

Plans after graduation: Pursue a career in Urban Planning


Drue Johnson, Student Office Assistant, UW Sustainability

Graduating with a Bachelor's in Communication, double concentration in Socio-Cultural and Political Dialogues

"I'm most proud of the work I did with the Green Dawgs Certification program. It was a great learning experience to be able to create my own green certifications program from scratch, and to help over 50 clubs across campus begin their journey toward a more sustainable future. In a broader sense, it was a great pleasure and honor to work with the staff of UW Sustainability. Their insights helped me to discover what my true passions are, and the support they gave allowed me to feel that I had a significant impact on the University of Washington".

Plans after graduation: "Pursuing a position in either PR or HR, so that I can use my career as a platform to create positive social change either externally for consumers or internally for employees".


Jueriya Hasaan, UW Medicine HR

Graduating with a BA in Healthcare Leadership

"I am most proud of the relationships I have built during my time here. These relationships have allowed me to navigate spaces I would otherwise shy away from. I am most proud of my work in the HR Cultural Competence Task Force. Working alongside successful healthcare professionals in increasing cultural competence has helped me hone my leadership skills and has also made me appreciate UW Medicine’s commitment to this important issue".

Plans after graduation: Taking an extended trip to visit family overseas and pursuing a career in Health Administration with a focus in health disparities.


Kyle McDermott, Campus Sustainability Fund Coordinator,
UW Sustainability

Graduating with a Master of Environmental Horticulture

"I am most proud of seeing individuals associated with the CSF either internally or on the project side develop over months/years to be engaged and impactful student leaders — and in many cases transfer their skills developed with the CSF for other opportunities on campus as well as getting jobs post-graduation".

Plans after graduation: To continue in non-profit management in fields related to global sustainability, green infrastructure, university/city planning, and innovation incubation.  


Michael Fontaine, Special Projects Group Student Intern, Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a degree in Construction Management

"I have been with UW CPD for two years and have learned so much in my time here. The opportunity I am most thankful for and proud of is the fact that I was able to get my hands on in all aspects of construction. I was able to see a vast array of different projects, as well as get to see the whole process from predesign through closeout. Being able to see all the phases of a construction project has helped me better understand the sequencing, and troubles that different projects go through".

Plans after graduation: I have accepted a position as a Field Engineer with PCL Construction after graduation.


Rose Atkinson, Real Estate Associate, Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a Master of Science in Real Estate and a Master in Urban Planning

"Working at UWRE exposed me to various facets of corporate real estate. I was allowed to discover what I like and focus on that. I was able to shadow the director and attend important meetings. Being an intern at UWRE was an amazing learning opportunity, and easily the best decision I've made in terms of my career trajectory. I love that fact that I did real work at UWRE. I most value my time spent doing property rights and tenant improvements". 

Plans after graduation: Has accepted a Real Estate Development Associate position with Plymouth Housing Group


Saylor Nygaard, Student Assistant-Financial Management,
Capital Planning & Development 

Graduating with a Bachelor's in Political Science with a minor in Law, Society, and Justice

"I'm most proud that I have held this position since my freshman year, while also balancing school, and my internship at the U.S. Attorney's Office".

Plans after graduation: "Exploring different areas to find my passions".


Sukhman K. Tiwana, Help Desk Team, Capital Planning & Development

Graduating with a BS in Informatics with a double focus in Data Science (DS) and Information Assurance & Cybersecurity (IAC)

"I am most proud of the opportunity to develop a prototype and pitch a tool to stakeholders to assist in presenting data in a more visual manner. As a result of this, the stakeholders were able to see how they can allocate their resources in a more effictive manner".

Plans after graduation: Accepted a Technology Analyst Consultant position with Deloitte


Westley Streepy, Integrated Operations & Engagement Intern, UW Facilities

Graduating with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering

"I am lucky to be in an environment where I can learn from experts about a wide variety of topics, technologies, and projects. I'm proud that I've been able to successfully apply some of my skills outside of a classroom".

Plans after graduation: Pursuing a career in environmental engineering, water resources, or general civil design