To access FAQ's about Financial Fraud and Ethics Violation Reporting, click here.

Reporting Process

The Financial Fraud & Ethics Hotline is intended for faculty, staff, students and others to report suspected fraud or irregular activities such as improper transactions, suspected thefts, losses, misuse, or inappropriate action involving public funds, equipment, supplies, or other assets.

If you suspect an incident, situation or conduct violates a law, regulation, requirement or university policy, it is your duty to report it. To access the Hotline, call toll free 1-844-518-1420 or click the link below.

Other UW Resources

This Hotline service does not replace existing compliance reporting methods and resolution options for other types of issues such as safety/violence prevention, healthcare compliance, human resources, research misconduct, and intercollegiate athletics. For concerns and complaints related to these issues (that do not involve financial fraud or ethics violations), contact the appropriate departments directly.