• Submit hourly timesheets directly to the business office for processing after the supervisor approves. Timesheets should not be returned to the employee.
  • Obtain prior authorization for planned leave and overtime.
  • Ensure timesheets are approved by employees and by supervisors with first-hand knowledge of hours worked.


  • Ensure employee timesheets are promptly submitted for processing, and paid in the proper pay period.
  • Establish procedures for obtaining original timesheets when faxed timesheets are used. Compare the original timesheet to the faxed timesheet.
  • Include information on timesheets required by University policies and the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) such as weekly totals
  • Use ink to fill out timesheets. The employee and supervisor should initial any changes.


  • Perform an annual audit of the Online Work and Leave System (OWLS) which includes reconciliation to supporting documentation (i.e. timesheets, leave/overtime requests)
  • Monitor hours for hourly and student employees to ensure compliance with the University’s maximum hours 1050 total yearly hours (hourly employees/19 ½ weekly hours (student employees)


  • Implement formal check-in and check-out procedures for employees newly hired or leaving the department.


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