Handouts for the Conference


A.   Risk Assessment Planning

UW Risk Assessment

WSU  Risk Assessment

Oregon Risk Assessment

B.    I-Tech and Africa

ITech and Africa 

C1.  Effort Reporting 

Effort Reporting 

C2.  Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption

Disaster Rescovery and Business Resumption

D1.  AR Audit

Acct Receivable

Acct Payable

Final Accounts Payable

D2.  Preparing Fraud Case for Prosecution

Investigation and Prosecution

E.  PCI Compliance

Payment Card standards

F1.  Fraud uncovered via ACL

Fraud Uncovered via ACL.docx

F2.  Audit Software Applications

Software Applications

G.  Scrum Project Management for Auditors

Scrum  Project  Management


Dealing with Difficult People:  Tools and Tips

Social networking risks

Social Networking Risks

Certificate of Participation

 training certificate